Your team(s) will always be too busy and overwhelmed by activities if the company is not clear about the ‘lowest hanging fruits’. Creating a good Marketing (into) Action plan is essential for efficiency. What behaviour needs to change to sell your product?

Marketing plans of mintoa:

  • Market driven!
  • Simple
  • Action oriented
  • Concise: only one A4
  • Will deliver impact

Increase the effectiveness of your efforts drastically with a MintoA marketing plan.

Have a good external view

What: Actional Growth Plan for your Channel / Sector business

Make the right internal choices

Creation of a sharp annual marketing activity calendar suited for the best growth

3 thrusts

How: 2 days workshop with interval of 4 weeks; day 1: method training and definition setting; day 2: joint review of the pre-worked content of the teams

Create annual activity plan