Did you notice the first line on the home page: 5-25% more sales on YOUR core business: that’s in it for you when you work with MintoA: an example of a 3 sec. Selling story, but there is more: A good selling story is value and need based: it is also clear what part of your total proposition to highlight. Clear segmentation of your offer and target group is at the base of it.

MintoA has created a very efficient method to create with your team the perfect selling story: With the right team proposition and the right pre-work, we can come to the right story in a one-day workshop!

  • MintoA delivers very sharp & concise stories:
    – Need based, it brings the value for the customer top of mind
    – Very sharp and concise in delivering your core message
    – Provides the customer evidence of your claim
  • Full team only one day involved: limited time investment of the company
    As mulitfunctional teams are often based in different locations and surey very bussy, the MintoA approach only requires the full team present for one day: this is the focus workshop day:
  • Finally marketing and sales are aligned throughout this MintoA
    The succes of any campaign or activity depends on.

“It is the actual conversion to sales what counts, MintoA is driving towards that single goal!”