A selection of the modules MintoA can provide for your organisation:

  • Value Selling
    What: Value Selling using the 3 sec. Selling stories in 5 clear steps for success
    How: one day Training for Sales teams
  • Strategic Selling
    What: One pager creation for strategic accounts: longer term sales cycles and complex DMU’s (Decision Making Units) using excellent mapping tool for best performance
    HOW: one day: training; one day review of al created one pagers: Strategic Selling Sheets
  • Online marketing
    What: setting up sales flows; content flows; adword campaign strategies; digital strategies for companies. Setting up of Webinars etc.
    How: custom program based on current customer reality
  • Distributor Management
    What: How to ensure that the distributor works for you instead of your competition or other suppliers. How do I sell in; what can I expect in selling out? How can I support that, and motivate the distributor?
    How: one day basics program workshop
  • The Ideal store online; online webshop design
    What: What to do to ensure your products are best bought in an online –webstore environment? What counts; how can customers find you; how do you represent yourself? How can you check this?
    How: one day basics workshop