• A. The Sales matrix
    What: Creating account value and funnel value overviews to decide where to spend the time of your teams for what results: output driven resource allocation; Finding the best balance between: hunt & harvest;  going for new business as well as ensuring enough time is spent with existing accounts
    How: 2 days worksessions with sales leader
  • B.  The sales funnel
    What: Sales funnels can be made in many software packages: but how to use the software? What is behind it, what logic to apply, what to do in each stage of the funnel as the main action for optimal succes. How to differentiate large versus small customers?

Surely this funnel setup can be used for many sales force automation systems such as: salesforce; pipedrive; infusionsoft; hubspot; act-oon; marketo; loopfuse; eooqua and ActiveCampaign

How: bespoke program based on customers status